#646 – Pop

When we were kids me and my younger brother always put ice cubes in our soup to quickly bring the temperature down from boiling to tasty. Now I have the opposite reaction and I frequently have to reheat soup and other hot liquids halfway through enjoying them.

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6 thoughts on “#646 – Pop”

  1. Kevin C. says:

    I blame my kids when that happens. I spend the time dealing with them (either in the form of discussion or direction) and while doing so, my food gets cold (or warm if it’s ice cream).

  2. Morris Keesan says:

    When buying hot coffee, I often ask for one ice cube in the cup, to bring the coffee from hazardously hot down to drinkable temperature.

  3. kingklash says:

    The Soup Of The Day was Cornea Chowder.

  4. ZeoViolet says:

    How’d he do that on command?

    Hope his eyes regrow. XD

    1. witunderpressure says:

      it’s one of the lesser known mutant powers. kinda not as impressive as what cyclops from x-men can do.

  5. Notebooked says:

    Oh, that is just gross! Ice in soup?

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