#1989 – Collection
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Maximum Maximumble for 2013

It’s always fun to take a look at what you all liked the most. Here’s what you liked to click on last year! 10. Thunder Parenting is easy. 9. Bespin Finally, the truth is revealed. 8. Fluid It’s important to pay attention. 7. Literally Literally the best comic I will ever write. 6. Spew Time is of the essence. 5. Refresh Is the glass half-full or are we all going to die anyway? 4. Chivalry Courtesy is dangerous. 3. Fedora Magic, it is not. 2. Boredom A child’s logic is infallible. 1. Punch Be careful what you wish for. What was your favorite? Did it make the list?

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Super Max

I watched a bunch of super hero movies recently and it inspired me to try translating them into Maximumble style. I had previously taken on Spider-Man: Parker Protein So I decided to take a look at Iron Man: Superman Captain America Batman And then I decided to see how angry people would get if I combined some of them into a single character. So you can expect to see some more of these guys in the future.

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Max Plus

I’ve been having fun with spontaneous Maximumbles that I have been posting in my Google+ stream. Here’s a bunch of them from my first month there.

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