#1 – Reversal
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#1 – Reversal

I once had an electric shaver that ran on an internal¬†rechargeable¬†battery. It was a super nice high quality device but it could only run off the battery. It wouldn’t work with the charging cord plugged in. If the battery died halfway through a shave… well hopefully you weren’t about to go on a job interview.


10 thoughts on “#1 – Reversal”

  1. biggo says:

    YAY! New Chris comic! More hilarious absurdity! .-)

  2. caffiend says:

    This is why I don’t shave…

  3. tekaramity says:

    This would really explain a lot, if I do indeed shave whilst sleepwalking – as is rumored.

  4. -2! says:

    This one is amazing. You just have the exact sense of humour to match mine. Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Jackson says:


  6. Arcan says:

    I want a shaver that works like that! Maybe then I’ll actually be able to grow a full beard. I’m 21 and all I can grow is a little half of a goatee… And cue comments claiming I’m lucky I don’t have to shave.

    1. FahrQuad says:

      You are lucky you don’t have to shave. =) You probably have a nice thick beard 8 years later.

  7. Zeon says:

    Makes perfect sense.

  8. Kevyn Knox says:

    Ha!! Great stuff, indeed!! Keep on keepin’ on.

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