#384 – Bouquet

This situation must be embarrassing for many mothers.

“Oh wow sweetie… wait, where did you get these?”

“From Mrs. Stanley’s garden! She has the best flowers!”

“Well, had.”

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7 thoughts on “#384 – Bouquet”

  1. S. Aquila says:

    Mom told me that the first gift I ever gave her was a handful of twigs from the backyard that I had found. We lived in Texas then, so there weren’t any real flowers or anything.
    Twenty years later, those same twigs are saved in the hope chest. 🙂

    1. Prior Semblance says:

      There are flowers all over Texas… sounds more like it was winter.

  2. A few crazy invasive species aside, A weed is just a plant growing where you don’t want it. My yard is overgrown with weeds, which means that I have a field of flowers.

    1. S. Aquila says:

      Another definition is if you stick it in the ground and do everything you can to care for it and it dies, it’s a plant.
      If it’s in the ground and you do everything you can to kill it, but it never dies, it’s a weed.

    2. pbarnrob says:

      Rolling Thunder (Shoshone Medicine Man in N. NV) said that weeds are just plants that aren’t where you wanted them…

  3. kingklash says:

    Cat pictures and demotivational posters.

    1. Casual reader says:

      “and demotivational posters.”

      …. Yes, that was covered under ‘cat pictures’.

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