#383 – Burglar

How am I supposed to enjoy food that is bad for me when I now know there is food that is horrible for me? I was better off not knowing! Let me live in blissful ignorance!

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13 thoughts on “#383 – Burglar”

  1. ZeoViolet says:

    Or between two slices of glazed donut?

  2. Pyro says:

    That actually sounds horrible, hamburger and cookies, brr…. Not that I eat healthy or anything, I just like to keep my vices separated.

    That reminds me, I was making cinnamon buns the other day, and as I was unwrapping a new pound of butter, to add to the caramel sauce, I thought to myself, “I wonder which is worse for your health, not knowing how to cook? or knowing how to cook”

  3. Justin says:

    Hamburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. Absolutely delicious. I took pictures.

  4. Library Lady says:

    I think knowing how to cook and enjoying is much worse for your health. My grandmother was a diabetic but could not and would not give up anything. She made fudge, dinner rolls drenched in butter, 3 layers cakes with thick lemon goo between the layers and frosting an inch thick for every occasion – holiday, birthday, out-of-family intown. And she was a GOOD old fashion Southern cook that did everything from memory. She made her own ice cream too. And she ate what she cooked.
    Hungry now.

  5. Paul says:

    Glazed donut burger – It’s called the Luther

  6. kingklash says:

    Had a similar comment from a cousin, when she found out I could make meatloaf patties like my Mom used to make. Now whenever she sees me, she asks if I made any lately.

  7. Dan says:

    Someone else combines burgers with chocolate chip cookies?!? Now,Who else eats fries with ice cream? lol

  8. Baughbe says:

    Yeah, the donut burger has been done. Even dipped in batter and deep fried. Ohh, deep fried…. Our local fair is on during July 4th week. So much deep fried…everything…

  9. Myk says:

    Um, Dan… in my world shakes and malts are dipping sauce for fries.

  10. rich says:

    it’s probably been done, but instead of buns, you got patties. instead of lettuce & tomato, more patties. want pickles? how about…an extra patty? whole thing’s just a stack of patties. I call it the…um, meat burger?

  11. Freezie43110 says:

    Some food chain has a 10 pound burger called the Heartstopper. They make you sign a medical release form before consumption.

  12. mrmeval says:

    Try vacuum fried okra. It’s tasty. I’m looking for other vegetables now.

    If you want the best hamburger in your life get grass fed bison or beef. It’ll cure you of fast and not so fast food burgers.

    1. sidehack says:

      I’m gonna have to second mrmeval on that one. I grew up on a farm in northeast Missouri and the only beef we ate was beef we raised – all grass-fed black angus. Probably at least 90% lean and so freakin’ delicious! It was really nice to cook a 1/3lb patty and actually end up eating 1/3lb of food instead of watching it shrink to the size of a quarter. It was also nice that we had a grill built into the kitchen stove. In the last ten years I’ve eaten exactly one restaurant cheeseburger that was as good as the cheeseburgers I ate all the time back home.

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