#450 – Disclosure

I wonder how much soda I would drink if there was a magical “zero calorie” version that tasted good to me. As it is the occasional soda that I do drink has to be one of the “real sugar” varieties. The more common high fructose corn syrup versions are just too sweet to me at this point. It’s too much like drinking melted candy.

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14 thoughts on “#450 – Disclosure”

  1. Azkyroth says:

    I’ve found vanilla coke zero, and to a lesser degree cherry coke zero, to be palatable.

    Unfortunately offering this thought has lead me back to the realization that the horrifying things humans are capable of extend all the way to preferring regular coke over vanilla. Now I just want to curl up in bed and whimper.

  2. Dimou says:

    Please help a non-native speaker, I can’t get my head around what “circus music” refers ?

      1. Dimou says:

        Thanks, it’s all clear now. And way funnier. I thought Calliope refers to the greek muse.

  3. Dan Thompson says:

    For me, Coke Zero comes close, but not quite. It’s kind of in a taste version of art’s uncanny valley. To fix this, I back off on its quality by pouring it over a little ice, essentially watering it down. Then, I find that I can’t taste the difference between Coke Classic over ice and Coke Zero over ice.

    But of course, neither are as good as the real thing, unadulterated by the ice.

  4. I stopped drinking soda to save money years ago. When the financial restriction passed, I tried to go back but found the carbonation gives me a tummy ache.

    Then I started eating healthy, remembered that, I was SUPER GRATEFUL to my picky tum-tum.

  5. KipKasper says:

    Try this, I drink tons of it

  6. kingklash says:

    My brother would buy soda if it were Calliope-free. Something about the ol’ “cally-ope” music makes him uneasy.

  7. pbarnrob says:

    Mexican Coke (made with real sugar) or Dublin Dr. Pepper (likewise) from Dublin TX are pretty good, though Snapple Group/Dr. Pepper Corporate has made them cease and desist, so there’s no more. Sugar’s a slow killer, and aspartame was first marketed as a pesticide. Green tea with honey for me anymore.

    1. Shags says:

      Agreed on the Mexican Coke! It tastes so much better.
      The only problem with it is trying to explain to my friends that I’m not talking about cocaine.

      1. Chuck says:

        Ever buy Coke at Disneyland? My fellow CMs are convinced it DOES have cocaine in it because it’s so much better than any other Coke ever.

  8. Evan Doherty says:

    If it was calorie free and somehow didnt rot your teeth i would never drink anything but coke!

  9. Library Lady says:

    There was a time when I could down a six-pack of regular Coke in less than an hour with no ill effects. Now 1 20-ounce takes all day to drink. It still tastes great but the caffeine and sugar are a bit much. However I will never go to Coke Zero, it’s the real thing or nothing.

  10. Alexacutioner says:

    I’ve discovered that I’m unfortunately very sensitive to many zero-calorie sweeteners. Splenda definitely triggers migraines. I’ve tried Zevia thinking it would be better, but again, migraines (I think perhaps the erythritol plays a part). I’ve also considered I might be sensitive to HFCS, as it can affect people the same was as MSG, so people sensitive to MSG (me) can have problems with HFCS, too. So I’ve been stocking up on the only true-sugar soda I can find around here that isn’t a 4-pack of glass bottles – Throwback Mountain Dew. I wish they had made the retro real sugar version of Dr. Pepper again, but I can’t find it. I believe it tastes better and has fewer ill effects on me than the sugar substitutes.

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