#451 – Tasting

I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows lately. Most of them have a similar format that ends with the chef tasting the dish and totally freaking out at how amazing it is. I started to wonder how often something went wrong and it tastes like garbage but they smile anyway. I would love to see a show that is 95% the same as all the others but at the end the chef is appalled at the result and trashes the studio.

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5 thoughts on “#451 – Tasting”

  1. I made risotto almost perfectly the first time, and was experimenting with aplomb and delicious results the next three times. RISOTTO IS EASY. It’s just… tedious.

  2. Bruce says:

    Keith Floyd did a show many years ago, on Hadrian’s Wall, featuring his attempt at Roman cooking. Both he & his guest historian took one bite and chucked the lot, plates and all, over their shoulders. You might find some of Floyd’s shows online, at one of those naughty sites that has old TV shows.

  3. kingklash says:


  4. patthews says:

    There’s a great youtube series called Henry’s kitchen that takes this approach.it’s hilarious if you got the time. Near the end it gets pretty dark, then just weird. Great times!

  5. Taeraresh says:

    There’s one Top Chef episode where Wolfgang Puck throws an inedible donut across the room. It’s not as epic as trashing the studio, but it’s pretty awesome.

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