#408 – Bugged

We get lots of mosquitoes around here but they are mostly just a nuisance. I went camping with a friend and discovered giant biting flies for the first time. That was traumatic and had my flinching at every flying insect for weeks.

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10 thoughts on “#408 – Bugged”

  1. pbarnrob says:

    One time in Yosemite, on the way up to Glacier Point for painting images, we stopped at a meadow that must have been kinda neglected by the tourists. The mosquitoes were getting the BIG net to carry us away for dinner, as we dug in the back of the van and found the Cutter’s. Suddenly we were invisible! Yay!

  2. Pyro says:

    Reminds me of a camping trip. So we had hiked up to a pristine mountain lake, which was full of leeches. We were then promptly swarmed by mosquities, deer flies, and blackflies. So anyway, we’re sitting in our tent with the door closed, in the middle of the day, when we hear an unearthly buzzing noise coming from outside. It was the largest blackfly any of us had ever seen, must have been twice the size of a normal one, though we never did see it. Anyhow, the fly buzzed close by the tent, sounding extremely loud, before alighting on a branch overhead. As luck would have it, the sun projected the image of the fly onto the roof of the tent. I have no idea how big that fly really was, but the image on the tent was as big as a dog. Needless to say it was a long whie before we ventured out again.

  3. I’m a bug magnet (I’ve read some stuff that suggests that it might be because I’m hypoglycemic, but I haven’t found any science on that yet.) But if you want few bugs bothering you, take me a long.

    I’ve come back from BBQ’s coated in bug bites and my friend, who stood right next to me, has two.

  4. kingklash says:

    Is that similar to the drink called Bug Juice?

  5. caffiend says:

    reminds me of the one time I drove through Oklahoma. Nice place, except for the mosquitoes the size of small falcons that prowled around our campsite.

    1. kingklash says:

      They’re our unofficial State bird! Unfortunately, with the mild Fall and Winter we had here in the Sooner State, there’s a good bumper crop of ’em this season.

  6. reynard61 says:

    When my mom was stationed at Carswell AFB in the 1950s, a joke going around at the time had what they thought was a B-36 landing and a ground crew pumping 30,000 pounds of fuel into it before realizing that it was a mosquito. Yep, they make ’em *BIG* in Texas…

    1. pbarnrob says:

      The story I heard, it was an A-4 Skyhawk in Chu Lai. Refueled, re-armed and turned-around for launch before they realized…

  7. witunderpressure says:

    “i be done seen, ’bout ev’rythang, when i see an elephant flyyyyy!”

  8. Freezie43110 says:

    Mosquitoes leave me alone. I just have to worry about botflies.

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