#407 – Seasoned

I always liked playing in the sprinkler as a kid. We had the rotating head style. I liked adjusting it so it would make a near 360 degree sweep and then do that quick staccato return back to the start. I think the waterfall style like in the strip was more fun to play in but I had to go to a friend’s house for that.

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5 thoughts on “#407 – Seasoned”

  1. Azkyroth says:

    Do they still call them “rainbirds?”

    1. kingklash says:

      I remember those! When we lived in a condo complex in Hayward, CA, all the kids would live to run outside when the green lidded Rainbird sprinklers popped up.

  2. Oldmanmike says:

    Reminds me of the sprinklers outside the slaughterhouse near where I grew up. Apparently they’d hose out the facility and then pump it out to water the field near the building. Grass grew really green there, but it was disturbing to see cows grazing there between waterings.

  3. The waterfall style is the one where you’d try to run through the tunnel without getting wet. Required timing, but sometimes you would mess up just so you could get sprinkler’d.

  4. rich says:

    the hardware store carries…forgot the name, um hose junctions? i think i’d like to set up 2 or 3 of those in a line and cover the entire lawn. that might be fun to play in

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