#338 – Splash

I certainly splashed in a puddle or two in my day but it quickly became a thing I avoided. I realized that all puddles aren’t just a few feet away from my house full of warm dry socks. You only have to sit through one movie in a chilly air conditioned theater with freezing soggy shoes to start stepping around them.

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4 thoughts on “#338 – Splash”

  1. Librar Lady says:

    Or forget which way you’re goin. to school not from it, and sit in a classroom where the teacher likes it COLD, to “stimulate the mind”.

  2. kingklash says:

    Or if you keep your lunch money in your sock.

  3. Ian says:

    They like it cold because it saps courage. They don’t want an uprising.

  4. Istas says:

    I was once at a park on a hot summer day that had these inch-thick columns of water that would ‘bounce’ from pedestal to pedestal. It felt so good to get up on the edge of the display and get smacked directly in the chest by one of them.

    Five minutes later we entered a rather well-air-conditioned building and I was no longer so satisfied with the situation.

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