#337 – Long time

I don’t smoke. I dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. The worst part about liking bands that played small clubs was the amazing smell that would follow me all the way home. It’s annoying to have to take a long hot shower at 3AM when you really need sleep but unless I wanted to also burn my bed the next morning I had no choice.

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9 thoughts on “#337 – Long time”

  1. cayra says:

    I can relate to that. Sadly it also applies to spending time with people I really like.

  2. kingklash says:

    It’s bad when something similar happens with the dog.

  3. MadJohn says:

    I’m so glad that we’ve got the smoking ban throughout the UK now!
    Of course, now I have to take a 3am shower after a gig because of the smell of me dancing for hours! :-/

  4. Fahr Quad says:

    I smoked for 23 years before quitting October 31, 2001. After about 9.5 years I started back again a week before going to visit a friend who was dying of stage IV metastatic breast cancer because I had nothing else to help with the stress. She has since passed away and I quit again 10 days ago. Having been on both sides of the cigarette I can honestly say that they reek, and the stench saturates your clothing, hair, and skin. I have long since given up nightclubs and arena rock concerts because my hearing is quite sensitive, and I don’t like my ears ringing for 3 days. I have come to the conclusion that I can buy everything the band has ever recorded for less than what the price of admission and drinks at the club, or tickets to the arena venue cost, and that I can control the volume and listen (or skip) as many times as I like.

  5. You know it’s slightly ironic that you BURN the things that have touched cigarettes..

    1. Michael says:

      No it isn’t. That’s not what irony is.

      1. Freezie43110 says:

        Seems like a fair example to me.

  6. calilac says:

    I feel this way about AXE and most perfumes/colognes used to similar excess.

  7. Kaitracks malgom says:

    Wait according to this everyone just wears shirts ok

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