#260 – Tuck

My son went through a phase where he had a hard time going to sleep unless there was someone else in the spare bed next to his crib. I wrote a lot of comics on those nights while I pretended to sleep. I wonder if I could have gotten away with making a dad shaped lump of pillows under the blanket and snuck out. Maybe if we didn’t have 40-year-old squeaky wood floors.

Today’s Biff is caught off guard.

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2 thoughts on “#260 – Tuck”

  1. kingklash says:

    Years ago, when my sister was in Iraq, her sons stayed with my Mom and me. To get them to wind down, Ma would play Classical CDs for them, and they would go to sleep. Later , the younger of the two went on a field trip to a symphony concert. The teacher later told Ma that while my nephew was excited to see a real orchestra play, he conked right out within the first five minutes.

  2. Dan says:

    Lol, I went thru that phase when I was a toddler, and so did my younger sisters. I guess people go through similar phases.

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