#20 – Surf city

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10 thoughts on “#20 – Surf city”

  1. Just like to point out that you’re the proud owner of my 180th RSS subscription.

    1. Chris says:

      Hopefully I can crack the top 100 of funniest!

      1. -2! says:

        If I used RRS’s you would be the proud owner of the funniest. But because I do it using bookmarks that I just visit when there are new ones, you are just my funniest webcomic

  2. Turbo Sloth says:

    Time to go buy a shark-board.

  3. CAV says:

    It took me a little bit of time to wholly understand what was happening just because I thought that the dude on panels 1 and 2 was the same one on panel 3.

    I like the Art work. =P

    1. onono says:

      Actually, the guy from panels 1 and 2 CAN be seen in panel 3.
      The Shark is wearing his face as a mask 😀

      1. Cadier says:

        I believe that is a cardboard face. Otherwise we would have a Pavi-shark. x’)

  4. Icalasari says:

    Thanks SMBC for linking me to this brilliance!

    It’s like if Explosm got another artist who switches dirty jokes with even more creativity

  5. DevoiD says:

    Thanks to THE BOOK OF BIFF 😀

  6. Hello there says:

    Talk about smarter than your average shark.

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