#19 – Princess

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12 thoughts on “#19 – Princess”

  1. Gwidlet says:

    Is that school in the clouds?
    This one made me laugh as well. Ah, the feeling of maturity that washes over me now.

  2. tekaramity says:

    I was such a wimp. My childhood wish would’ve been for everyone to like me. =(

    (No comment on whether that is my adult wish as well.)

    1. Shadowsamurai says:

      Everyone? I aim a bit lower like anyone…

  3. Mark S. says:

    Wow..yeah. I bet anyone reading this can name five buildings he’d rather see burn down than his primary school. I feel so old.

  4. -2! says:

    Something tells me for me it would have been more superpowers-y, or something.

  5. Radical Edward says:

    I am weird…The only school I want to see burn down was my middlejunior high school. I dealt with bullying at its worst. Better yet, burn the bullies that tormented me alive in the building.

    (P.S. This is one reason why I’m 82% evil, the other reason is because I was one to think about taking over the world without resorting to bloody tactics)

  6. Random Webcomics Junkie says:

    BWAHAHAHA yes.

    When I was seven or so and experimenting with whether belief affected reality, I tried to believe the school building had burnt down overnight and was disappointed when it never worked.

    I was a very weird little girl.

  7. AmanoYuki says:

    Gah, fo me, it would’ve been to be able to merge with different cartoons and meet the characters…
    …it’s still the same *facepalm*
    (*I guess I just couldn’t be bothered thinking up a new one?? …PROCRASTINATION, FTW!!!*)

  8. cowgurlbob says:

    Yus sir are perverse!! That’s why I read you!

  9. Centaur71 says:

    I was an even weirder girl; I wanted the school’s teachers to be subliminally suggested; ‘Did you do your homework?’ ‘No, but you’ll still give me an A+ right?’ ‘Absolutely.’ 😛

  10. mrmeval says:

    Then reality strikes. There is a man hunt for the arsonist and a fairy is arrested. Then everyone is in a panic because they see fairies as evil. Taxes are raised, armies are raised and we go to war with fairyland. The school is rebuilt as a national magical research academy for the sole purpose of devising defenses against magic. Five years after the incident the first dragon is dragged out of it’s hidden lair and killed using detection techniques discovered at the academy.

  11. Arcan says:

    I was the who could’ve made this dream come true, but wisely decided not to. Figuring out how to make low yield explosives in fifth grade is reason enough to fear a child. Yet strangely, I was never feared, instead I was attacked. Yeah… I think this is still one of my adult dreams as well, that school brings up a lot of lousy memories…

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