#149 – Wait

That must be one of the most frustrating things when you have this job. Table #1 has a problem and as you are walking back to the kitchen to solve it, table 2, 3 and 4 all stop you with additional problems. Now you look like a jerk as you pass by everyone on your way back to table #1 with their new basket of fish.

Today’s Biff gargles with soap.

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9 thoughts on “#149 – Wait”

  1. Micah says:

    That’s why I never wanted to be a waiter.

  2. SA says:

    Well, now we know why the soup was cold to begin with.

  3. AA says:

    I wonder if the “fly in my soup” situation ever happens anywhere. There sure are enough situations to remedy they don’t give back the same bowl of soup (put salt in it, ice cubes, etc…) Hm…

    1. sam says:

      I remember once seeing a fly sitting on the side of a coffee mug, my hands were full at the moment so I just gently blew on it to get it to fly away, instead it fell in, I was dumbfounded for a moment and then burst out laughing with a “Flys aren’t suppose to fall!” … and it was still alive and kicking

  4. Library Lady says:

    Eating out seems like such a hassle for everyone involved.

  5. hayabusa says:

    that bowl appears to be empty

    1. Chris says:

      It’s just very deep!

      1. Baughbe says:

        A Bottomless bowl of soup?

        1. Candlejack says:

          The legend has come true! SOUP FOR ALL!

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