#84 – Dummy

When I was a kid I liked when my mom went clothes shopping. There were lots of neat clothing displays to run through and hide behind. My favorites were the large circular racks. I could step into one of those and be invisible from the rest of the store. Often strangers would come up and browse through the clothes and talk to each other without knowing I was there. There were some stores that would have a really long rack running the entire back wall. That was great to run past with my hand out, zipping along the pant legs like a stick against a picket fence.

Today’s Biff is above it all.

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7 thoughts on “#84 – Dummy”

  1. ladyamethyst83 says:

    when I was about 5 I was in one of the circle racks and I made it fall over by hanging on it. Scared the hell out of my mom and I always tell kids not to do that..

  2. zeldadude says:

    Very funny. my brother and I used to take the price thins off because they were perforated

    1. zeldadude says:

      *is banished to the shadow realm*

  3. wigsternm says:

    I enjoyed those perforated price tags as well. I took the security tag off a shirt once, but it was one of those with the ink in it… Yeah, there were a lot of things I only ever did once as a kid.

  4. LibraryLady says:

    A friend and I went shopping with her then 3 yr old son. Alex liked those circular racks too. We went nuts looking for that boy. She was VERY pregnant and terrifed we had lost him. I was scared she was going to go into labor while hunting for him. When we found him he thought it was the funniest thing, UNTIL the his mother’s hand found the seat of his pants. She wore his bottom out. And no one in the store thought twice about it. Too many people had joined the search while he was giggling behind the sweaters.
    Wonder if he remembers? I know his mother does.

  5. Dustin says:

    yay for random shark cartoon! They are the best i tell ya, the BEST!

  6. 8LayerDip says:

    Oh my goodness, the circular racks. Me and my brother would play hide and seek when we waited for my mom to finish shopping. I would always hide in the circular racks (especially the ones with pants since it touched the ground).

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