#83 – Ejection

I wonder when the planet is destroyed and the remains of humanity are drifting aimlessly through the galaxy in centuries old spacecraft if parents will constantly threaten their children with the airlock. “You finish all of that protein paste or so help me I’ll throw you right out of the airlock.” “Really? If Jimmy told you to jump out of the airlock would you?” “Everyone¬†stop arguing right now or I’ll shoot this whole family out of the airlock including the robot dog!”

Today’s Biff is ready to go.

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8 thoughts on “#83 – Ejection”

  1. McGehee says:

    “Don’t make me take this ship out of warp and come back there!”

  2. zeldadude says:

    “Quiet down or I’ll open the airlock and make you walk!”

  3. “I told you to stop that! Do I have to get the airlock?!”

  4. wigsternm says:

    “But we just stopped 5 parsecs ago and you didn’t have to go THEN. Whatever, fine, just do it out the airlock.”

  5. Nicoli20 says:

    “Do your homework now or I’m throwing your games out through the airlock!”

  6. Library Lady says:

    “Mom! where’s my sweater?”
    “If it’s not in your room check the airlock. Everything else make’s it there.”

  7. Enya W says:

    “What have I told you about playing in the airlock?”

    Toy Biff Ship! Toy Biff too, maybe?

  8. SurveySays says:

    unfortunatly we will still have the ‘where did the matching sock go??” problem.
    “that airlock is eating my socks!”

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