#656 – Dripped

Every once in awhile I’ll unknowingly get a cut somewhere that doesn’t hurt. It’s weird to find blood on yourself and have a moment of “What… whose blood is this?”

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10 thoughts on “#656 – Dripped”

  1. driftertank says:

    As a mechanic, every once in a while I’ll be working on a car and have a moment that goes like this; “What? Is that trasmission fluid? How did it get there, I havent touched anything that should leak that…..oh. it’s blood. I must be bleeding….yep. Wow, how did I do THAT and not notice?”

  2. kingklash says:

    That reminds me, a store here has those little “Flyshooter” toy guns for a dollar each. I ought to get a couple.

  3. malachi says:

    Man, you’re lucky. I get those ninja cuts so often that I always assume that when I find blood that it’s mine! It doesn’t help that I’m one step away from having hemophilia, so the ninja cuts also last forever…

  4. Mister Rik says:

    I was washing my hands at work not long ago, and the sleeve of my chef jacket rode up a bit to reveal a fresh, narrow, 5-inch-long burn on my forearm. I had no idea how I got it. Didn’t feel a thing whenever it happened.

  5. Voyager says:

    Ah, I see you’ve been to Houston.

  6. witunderpresure says:

    hold on, let me check my phone. i keep hearing a buzzing noise.

  7. infr says:

    That’s pretty funny. Just today I was staring at a missing patch of skin on my toe. Can’t figure out where it had ran off to.

  8. Peter Wolff says:

    Stains that come from heart, how sweet…

    I’m not a native speaker, so I ask whether you can say, that bug is wholeheartedly pinned on him?

  9. Taurin says:

    Ahh, Summer in Canada.

    But aside from mosquitos that would frighten Gojira, I work in Records, and I regularly get, as malachi calls them, ninja cuts. Sometime it’s mystery blood spots that make me aware, but most often it’s when I’m washing my hands after going to the washroom, or using PurellĀ®, and it’s the stinging that lets me know.

  10. Silka says:

    When I get ninja cuts, I don’t notice them until they itch…

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