#576 – Handle

Lots of computer issues are caused by “user error”. I wonder how many problems in restaurants are the same. “Waiter! These crab legs are embedded in my chest! I need more napkins for all this blood!”

Also, check out the guest comic I did for Joel over at Hijinks Ensue!

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10 thoughts on “#576 – Handle”

  1. Mister Rik says:

    As a longtime professional cook, I can say *many* problems with the food are “user error”. Mainly when people specify things like eggs “over easy” or steak “medium rare” without understanding that there are actual, proper definitions of those terms that are more specific than “this is what my mom called it”. For example, ordering eggs “over easy” and then sending them back because some of the whites are still runny. Sorry, if you want runny yolks and hard whites, that’s “over medium”. No matter what your mom said. Same thing happens with steaks. I’ve cooked thousands of steaks professionally. I’m pretty sure I know by now that “medium rare” does not mean “practically raw”.

    1. Justin says:

      As a waiter, I can also agree with this. My co-worker Erica has my favourite example: “I would like to order the ‘surprise tasting menu’ but I don’t eat meat, fish, gluten, dairy, root vegetables (except if they’re fried), leafy greens or nuts…And nothing can be raw.”

      1. bitflung says:

        wow. (just wow).

  2. twilightfairy says:

    @ justin- then what does that person eat? o.o

    when I used to work at a fast food joint we’d get loads of these.

    “why are there onions in my burger?”

    “Sir there aren’t any onions in your burger.”

    “Then what is this thing?”

    “Those are pickles..”

    1. caffiend says:

      I’m assuming they eat eggs on top of fries.. maybe?

  3. Switch Lord says:

    (pron..eeeeBkaaack) Error Between Keyboard And Chair.

    Technical term used to describe a loss or lack of user ability.

  4. kingklash says:

    You never eat soup with you fingers.
    You eat the soup first, then your fingers.

  5. witunderpressure says:

    reminds me of a dining experience:
    guy in the booth behind me calls the manager over to complain. my friend across from me looks over and whispers, “their plate is empty”

    seriously, if you’re going to complain, don’t eat it all first…

  6. ZeoViolet says:

    People who eat all their food and still complain do NOT get compensated where I’m at.

    If it really was bad, you should have spoken the moment you noticed something was wrong…either visually or after a bite or two. Our cooks will happily fix anything that went wrong, right away!

    People who eat it all and complain are just ripping you off.

  7. shags says:

    The old “Eat it then complain to get it free” trick. When I was a manager I had the pleasure of explaining why you can’t clear a plate and then say it wasn’t good. When the customer would threaten to not come back, I always said “That’s your choice. But please don’t because it will make my life easier. Have a nice day.” You can get away with things like that when you don’t work for a corporate restaurant.

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