#469 – Spherical

It’s funny how the national pizza chains don’t seem to compete on taste. They have to differentiate themselves with shape or accoutrements. I always prefer the variety of a local shop over the generic taste of the chains.

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10 thoughts on “#469 – Spherical”

  1. Pyro says:

    I find when ordering pizza you need to find a balance of things. Has to have a decent price, decent toppings, and, if you like variety (I don’t, I always order the same thing), the that too. It’s also handy if you can find a place that will mix up your order occasionally, or be unable to find your house every now and then, that way you can get a few free pizzas (this is one of the best things about the big chains, they all have policies that if the pizza isn’t the one you ordered, or it arrives 10 minutes late, you get a free pizza, usually credit applied to your next order).

    1. Xindaris says:

      Actually..I think all those “30-minutes-or-less” type policies were outlawed after deliver drivers in a hurry caused numerous crashes…

    2. Eugene says:

      See, but the whole “quick delivery” thing is only done by the chains because their pizza is crap. I want a place that takes its freakin time and gets it RIGHT.

  2. kingklash says:

    Hot Pocket? That’s a Hot Suitcase!

  3. boog says:

    Sometimes I think the pizza chains forget they are serving pizza, the way they invent things like “the Nacho pizza” or “the Cheeseburger pizza”.

    When I order pizza, it’s because I want pizza. Not nachos, tacos, cheeseburgers, barbecue, sweet & sour pork, soup, salad, fish, or cake. If I want any of those things, I will have them without them being pizza.

    1. Admiral Memo says:

      Crab and shrimp on a pizza is actually really good. 🙂

  4. pbarnrob says:

    Two thoughts triggered here.
    1. A local place made (may still) a Tandoori Chicken pizza, to die for! They’ve moved, but were an indie franchise of Pinnochio.
    2. Another (Tarantino’s, a tiny place that we found again recently) makes a killer Calzone. And their ‘zza is good, too!

  5. pbarnrob says:

    A third thought;
    3. Nacho drowning is gonna really hurt!

  6. mrmeval says:

    I used to go to a very small pizza place run by an Indian family. The last order I made I canceled because I wanted the pepperoni on top of the cheese. My cat at that time liked pepperoni baked on top and he’d been very good on his diet. I thought the owner would explode, he insulted me and my cat.

    I ordered papa johns and realized the local store had been cutting quality gradually. My cat liked it may he rest in peace, he lasted 18 years.

  7. sidehack says:

    Anyone here know Casey’s pizza? It’s probably mostly a midwest thing, and yes Casey’s is a gas station but their in-house pizzas are freakin’ great. I prefer theirs to any actual pizza franchise restaurant and some of the local places.

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