#470 – Boo

When I was a kid “junk mail” was the problem. Now mail in general has slowed to a trickle. Then spam email tried to overwhelm me. Now weeks go by without a single spam message making it through the filter. I wonder what the next spam frontier will be.

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10 thoughts on “#470 – Boo”

  1. Steena says:

    My workplace still receives spam faxes, multiple per day. I sometimes wonder if these spammers are as old as the technology they choose to employ. Certainly, young, hip spammers are more up-to-date on their choice of vehicle for a good spam. Do fax spammers also beeper spam?

  2. kingklash says:

    I wish spam was like old school junk mail, I occasionally got a good catalog out of it. Now, instead of junk mail, I’m avoiding mail about my junk.

  3. R. E. Hunter says:

    The next frontier: spam text messages

  4. Library Lady says:

    Even though both landline and cell are on the do not call list I get multiple calls for home security services and interest rate reduction. This qualifies as spam.

  5. Gewurztraminer says:

    If you’re not getting spam text messages then consider yourself lucky. They go through waves and sometimes I’ll go for weeks without one and then BLAM; 2-3 a day for a couple weeks straight.

    And it’s my work phone too, so who even has my number?

    Grr. Welcome to the future.

  6. Gewurztraminer says:


    (is usually what they are)

  7. jammit says:

    A list of what kinds of spam I’ve received:
    Text, fax, email, snail-mail, beeper (yes. When I had a beeper many years ago), cell phone, land line, and car flyers. I even had one put a sign in my yard.
    I actually enjoy getting spam. It’s so much fun to track these guys down and mess with them, like get all their info and sign them up for spam and remove them from the “do not call” list.

    1. pbarnrob says:

      Whoah! Don’t mess with jammit!
      Love it! I used to empty the pencil sharpener into the Business Reply (prepaid) envelopes, with the torn-up form (Let Us Sell You Some Debt! at only 29.99% APR, for example), so some poor schmuck in the mailroom would get a deskfull. Harder to do with email, tho…

      1. Azkyroth says:

        I think dealing with email spammers would be an excellent reuse of our fleet of Predator drones.

  8. Marscaleb says:

    That’s funny.
    But I also gotta admit, I misinterpreted that. I thought it was a ghostly was of his grandpa saying “Never use free boner pills,” suggesting that’s what killed him

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