#376 – Cheesy

I really enjoy cheese. I like how the same cheese can taste different sliced versus crumbled. My tastes have changed drastically from when I was a kid and there were only two kinds of cheese, american and “sprinkle” (aka parmesan).

Also, Hugs Bison shirts are back in stock!

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4 thoughts on “#376 – Cheesy”

  1. Good job it wasn’t extra sharp cheddar; they would have been able to cut through the walls and escape into the general populace!

  2. samuel says:

    “You Fool!” is this a maximumble catchphrase?

  3. kingklash says:

    “…I hope that Wisconsin is as tasty as it seems in my dreams. I hope.”

  4. Library Lady says:

    I wonder, would there have been a different outcome if the package had been from Vermont? Their sharp cheese, to me, is sharper than Wisconsin’s.

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