#377 – Fountain

Fountains full of coins drove me nuts as a kid. Finding money on the ground was one of the best things that could ever happen. It would instantly get turned into candy. Seeing all that money just laying there just out of reach was crazily frustrating.

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7 thoughts on “#377 – Fountain”

  1. kingklash says:

    Pity the poor architect, or city planner, who never considers the fact that as soon as a public fountain is installed, it becomes a loose change attractor.

    1. Sven says:

      I have a picture somewhere of a pond near a temple here in Tokyo with a sign saying “Please don’t throw coins in the sacred pond”. Naturally, it’s full of coins.

      1. Dan says:

        A pond?…wow, I knew fountains were magical, but ponds too? Probably because its sacred. Wishing Wells and Sacred Ponds…
        I just imagined a MagiKarp jumping out and evolving….X(

      2. rich says:

        i have a pic of an altar at a buddhist temple in beijing where there are not only coins but large bills as well. the xc rate is about 1 US:6 yuan but still, seeing hundred yuan bills just sitting there…those people are just desperate for good mojo from buddha

  2. El_Nazgir says:

    My mother used to have to stop me from diving in the fountains and taking the money xD

    1. Admiral Memo says:

      Same here. And I never understood why, since all that money is just sitting there, with nobody seeming to want it.

  3. knite says:


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