#343 – Strain

I sometimes have extra bad eyesight for a few days. Either I’m not getting enough sleep or I’m dehydrated or something like that. Fortunately it’s happened enough that I no longer panic and think I’m days away from losing my vision. Just gotta get more than 4 hours of sleep for a few days in a row!

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10 thoughts on “#343 – Strain”

  1. Jack Evans says:

    I started getting vision problems a while back, and found out that I had developed chronic “dry eye”. My ophthalmologist recommended an eye drop that I now apply before bed, and it works wonders.

  2. Y’know, sometimes, Chris, you write the most absolutely unexpected things…

    1. Chris says:

      Gotta keep you guessing.

  3. kingklash says:

    My problem is when I have lost my glasses, or getting them fixed, or whatever, is that I feel lost without them. I can handle the temporary loss of acuity, just that my head don’t feel right without them.

  4. Library Lady says:

    I have chronic dry eye too. Found out when it felt like I was being stabbed in the eye constantly for several hours one night. The next it was marginally better. Finally saw a doctor, she said the heat vent over my bed was a contributing factor. $200+ and less than 45 minutes to be told to use drops and sleep mask. My eyes don’t hurt, but since I had seriously bad vision to begin with that didn’t change.

  5. rich says:

    if you pull hard, they should snap back into his head

  6. ZeoViolet says:

    Those characters in comic strips that have glasses on their faces without showing eyes behind them (Like Mr. Keane in the Family Circus strips…) you’d think have this problem, too….

  7. Wizard says:

    Finally, the mystery of emotive glasses explained.

  8. Istas says:

    Blood pressure can affect eyesight over short periods of time like that.

  9. spidercow says:

    this reminds me of a scene in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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