#329 – Breath

Dang, what has my dog been eating? Oh yeah… that dog food I feed her.

(opens bag of dog food and smells it)

Ugh! This dog food smells horrible!

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6 thoughts on “#329 – Breath”

  1. Voyager says:

    This is why I don’t get the cats the salmon flavored cat food.

  2. MrMutt says:

    heh. I get my dogs the fish and sweet potato blend. Now they have cat breath. Eww.

  3. kingklash says:

    Cats and Dogs are supposed to have keener senses of smell and taste than Humans, but how can they eat some of the food we buy them? Then again, the stuff we eat probably confounds them as much.

    1. Suzu says:

      You never know, my dogs and cat try every chance they get to eat my food, even if they know it has made them sick before. ie. my cat loves speghetti os

      1. kingklash says:

        One of my Ma’s cats had the usual cat tastes, but if there were beans cooking, or someone opened a can of beans, he would come skittering out of nowhere, and wait for a spoonful to be put in his dish. He just liked beans.

  4. Kaitracks malgom says:

    My friends dog could top whatever breath that dog has

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