#239 – Roll

I’m not sure what is more embarrassing. Having to call out to someone to bring you toilet paper or having to shuffle down to the hall closet with your pants at you ankles to get it yourself and then remembering you aren’t home alone.

Today’s Biff likes it sweet.

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13 thoughts on “#239 – Roll”

  1. Azkyroth says:

    …am I the only person on earth who thinks to keep a kleenex box in the bathroom?

    1. Library Lady says:

      No you are not! And paper towels too, just in case.

  2. jammit says:

    Once I decided to take a shower. Don’t know if that was cool or not.

  3. Chuck says:

    No kleenex, but tons of spare rolls.

  4. ZeoViolet says:


  5. MrMutt says:

    Never had this issue. Although, my dad seems to always have to call out for a roll. 🙂

  6. befuddled123 says:

    Never use a cat. Their tongues are like sandpaper.

  7. kingklash says:

    To reference the old joke, see if there’s a rabbit around.

  8. Falos says:

    He appears to be wielding what may be a gadget, possibly tablet-like. But I suppose that story’s been addressed by plenty of comics to date.

  9. someone says:

    i have my TP storage at the end of the bathroom with an emergency casket in the bathroom mirror right besides the bowl.
    anything else is just akward.

  10. Mister Rik says:

    I buy my TP at Costco in the big 30-roll pack, so I have plenty of warning before I run out 😀

    Chris, you might enjoy this video from Korean girl group “Wonder Girls”:


    It’s relevant to today’s Maximumble 🙂

  11. Arcan says:

    I pull my underwear up far enough to hide every thing, but not far enough that it gets dirty. So long as I don’t have to go downstairs (the stairs end at the front door, which is 60% window) this works fine.

  12. Dantesfire says:

    This came to me one day, say you tripped in the street and your hand fell into a pile of shit. Your friend hands you as much toilet paper to clean it off as you need. When you get to the pizza place do you just dig in or are you gonna wash your hands with soap and water?

    Since then I don’t feel clean unless I shower right after. I try to take care of it before I leave home. Once I was at a friend’s house and they were surprised when I took a shower.

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