#238 – Squash

My wife and I do our best to not panic in front of our son when we see a bug. They spooked him when he was really little but now he’s more calm and curious. If he ever encounters something like an ant in the house he will stand by it to try and get it to crawl over his foot. Maybe this will backfire and he will become a bug defender when he gets older.

Today’s Biff is toasty.

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4 thoughts on “#238 – Squash”

  1. Rick2Tails says:

    So now we know the REAL reason they broke up in the comics 😉

  2. kingklash says:

    As long as you kid doesn’t get bitten by an ant during an A-bomb test, which would cause him to turn into……. a MANT!

  3. Domestigoth says:

    How is becoming a bug defender a bad thing? That sounds like a *positive* thing, to me!

  4. Enya W says:

    My mother is usually a very calm and collected person, always has been. You give her bad news, and she’ll just gasp and then assess the situation. Probably a survival skill, considering how many of us there are.

    But one tiny spider gets on her…

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