#1708 – Crust

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6 thoughts on “#1708 – Crust”

  1. tudza says:

    It’s not good for you Mister Duck, or so they tell us.

    1. Phaolan says:

      Coffee and smokes aren’t good for me, and kids always throw those away… So I feel your pain, Mister Duck. That’s all’s I’m saying.

    2. maarvarq says:

      I make bread-and-butter pudding out of my crusts now.

  2. il biggo says:

    Is this really a thing people do? Cutting some of the bread off and throwing it away?
    What kind of new North American Paranoia brought this on?

    1. Mahnarch says:

      We can see through your veil, Big Crust!

    2. Me et al. says:

      Yes it’s really done. North Americans don’t know how to get their kids to eat. Too much catering to our whims makes us think we need to cater to our kids whims too.

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