#16 – Friendship

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6 thoughts on “#16 – Friendship”

  1. -2! says:

    Steve would want it this way. He would rather a friend inherit his nuts then have some random take them.

  2. AmanoYuki says:

    Pfft… the other squirells gonna die aswell..
    …why do I find that amusing?


  3. Centaur71 says:

    Would his friend say ‘nuts to you, Steve?’ Naw; he just took ’em

  4. Javo2430 says:

    Finders keepers?

  5. Coyoty says:

    The poisoned nuts are working better than I expected.

    1. extremist343 says:

      Oh so that was you! I was wondering where all the dead squirrels were coming from.

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