#147 – Waiting

It’s weird looking at magazines from around the time I was born? Did people really dress like this? Wow cars were really cheap! I guess making dinner involved lots of Jello molds back then.

Today’s Biff is coated.

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7 thoughts on “#147 – Waiting”

  1. SA says:

    In our bathroom, our wallpaper pattern is old newspaper clippings.
    It’s really weird seeing things like asbestos advertised in the old newspapers.
    Makes you wonder what things we think are safe in this era, the next era we’ll be saying is terrible stuff.

    1. wigsternm says:

      Webcomics. By 2032 webcomics will have been shown to be linked to pneumonia.

      1. Cari says:

        It’s true. I read a several webcomics, and last summer I got severe pneumonia. Coincidence?

    2. Jeannie says:

      I remember ads for fireproof children’s pajamas. They were made with asbestos. The notion that fireproof pajamas is a big selling point leads to some horrifying speculation. Asbestos: not great but worlds better than not having it.

  2. hayabusa says:

    before you know it, the scientists will be saying that air itself gives you cancer.

    1. SA says:

      Actually considering the air quality in most places, it probably does. XD

    2. Mahnarch says:

      Years of swallowing saliva will age you prematurely!

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