#146 – Swipe

When you enter into this conversation at a party you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes it’s really short “Oh, I work in an office.” Sometimes it’s really long and complicated and you are left not really knowing what they are talking about. I’m still waiting for the party where I run into someone that works at the same place as me but I just don’t recognize them without the giant dog head part of the uniform.

Today’s Biff changes.

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7 thoughts on “#146 – Swipe”

  1. looks like he installed a vacuum in his party room

  2. The Great Joe Bivins says:

    I think I’m going to start bold-facedly lying when people ask what I do for a living. “Oh me? I was framed for a crime I didn’t commit and now I survive as a soldier of fortune. I can get you Mr. T’s autograph if you want.”

  3. infrapinklizzard says:

    The heck with that, I want a face to Face with Dirk Benedict.

  4. Wizard says:

    Hey, at least he’s getting some use out of his education.

  5. wigsternm says:

    “Me? I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder. After that I- Oh, hello, why is everyone falling asleep?”

  6. ZeoViolet says:

    A friend of mine suggested they were knocked out from spiked drinks.

    I on the other hand considered they are dead considering the artist’s highly warped sense of humor. XD

  7. SurveySays says:

    i am a well-published very popular author. but i use a diffrent name for every series i write so i dont have mounds of adoring fan mail or deal with reporters probing questions like ‘what are you going to do with ANOTHER 39 million dollars??’ its too much hassle.

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