#1239 – Comfortable

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7 thoughts on “#1239 – Comfortable”

  1. his boogness says:

    “Kinda bad timing right now for us financially.”
    “Why? Didn’t you get that raise you were hoping for?”
    “Well… not exactly…”

  2. rhiakath says:

    I definitely missed something here…

    1. sidehack says:

      Kids, provided adequate discipline and a few yeas of maturation, are basically tiny servants who work for food and lodging.

      1. Robin says:

        At least that’s how it worked for me as the oldest child of the house.

  3. Dana W says:

    A wrist remote is way cheaperl

  4. J. R. says:

    And then there’s the “You’re Fired” written in the clouds.

  5. deceze says:

    Except that you won’t be sitting comfortably in a sofa with snuggly blankets for the foreseeable future… bullet proof!

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