#117 – Sprout

My son is excited when the dandelions come up. He loves to pick them one by one and blow the seeds into the air. I think it stimulates a the same part of his brain that loves to blow bubbles. He is going to be envious of our neighbor in a few weeks when all those seeds take root next door.

Today’s Biff has dry hands.

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8 thoughts on “#117 – Sprout”

  1. Library Lady says:

    As a kid no one could convince me “puff balls” were weeds. They were just too pretty. They’re still pretty these many years later, so long as they grow in someone else’s yard.

  2. TJovian says:

    When I was younger, one of our landlords actually accused us of “planting” dandelions in the yard. She was a nutcase who broke into the house on two occasions for reasons unknown.

  3. Baughbe says:

    Weed is a relative term. A rose bush in a corn field is a weed. It’s any plant that is growing someplace a human doesn’t want it there. That’s why I’ve always been leery of weedkillers. How does the chemical know which ones you want to keep?

    1. wigsternm says:

      Magic. That’s why I’m leery of ’em. They’re witchcraft.

  4. Cari says:

    Now that I own a yard, I can’t enjoy dandelions anymore.

  5. caffiend says:

    I own a yard and i love seeing dandylions… I let them exist to torment my neighbors.

  6. SurveySays says:

    i love seeing my neighbors cring when i let my cat knock all of the seeds off and roll around in the fluffyness. because of her the yard becomes almost entirly dandilions…untill a storm comes and all the seeds get spread around the neighbor hood. then my cat gets jelous because she knows she’s not supposed to go in their yards. she seems to think they stole them from her.

  7. Rynroo says:

    My mom would and still only accepts dandilion flowers instead of other flowers and only when they are puffs because she likes blowing them on her yard. She likes seeing them change and help feed bees(her fav insect) and likes having a whole yard of them 🙂

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