#116 – Snuggle

I think anytime a movie or TV show shows an adult taking a teddy bear onto an airplane they are either smuggling drugs or a bomb. I wonder if that checks out in real life and security is trained to think of teddy bears as suspicious. Must be rough on kids that have to give up their security object so ic can be eaten by that big x-ray machine.

Today’s Biff sizes up the situation.

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12 thoughts on “#116 – Snuggle”

  1. Kitkun says:

    Well, given the kind of ire you’d get in that job…

  2. Baughbe says:

    Next flight, I’m switching my shoelaces with licorice whips. “Oh no! That guy is eating his shoes!”

  3. Elfe says:

    I carry a teddy where ever I go, and she goes in he cabin with me when We fly. I dont mind “loosing” her for a few minutes.

    I never get checked out for her in our local airport or in london sansted, glasgow and Toronto, but I did in Munich.

    But then again, she has a voice box. That probably seems suspicios. i do tell them thought XD

  4. Cari says:

    I’ll find out the hard way when my baby gets older.

  5. RisForRedonk says:

    I dunno about teddy bears persay, but my little brother has his toy ladybug X-rayed and checked for drugs in Germany. And some poor little girl in front of us had her stuffed dog thrown through the X-ray machine too.

  6. Slogra says:

    If the children can’t stand to part with their teddies, then send them through the x-ray with their comfort counterparts. By the way, I’m going for the parent-of-the-year award, please nominate me!

  7. Azkyroth says:

    Where do YOU fly where the Security Theatre is that polite?

  8. VodkaRoo says:

    The X-Ray Machines always eat my teddy bear when I bring it on a plane!

  9. SBA says:

    I remember when I was six, it was very hard to let go of Stripes the purple bunny so he could go through the machine. It was very hard for the adults present to explain that it was because there might be a bomb in him, I found it strange that they would think there was anything but fluff in him.

  10. sidehack says:

    I kinda want to fill a teddy bear with harmless objects which resemble dangerous objects through an x-ray, and see what the airport security does. “Why is there a bomb in your teddy bear?” “What? No. That’s just where I store my homemade alarm clock and a block of modeling clay. And some wire.”

    1. Mahnarch says:

      And, now we have “Clock Kid” thanks to you.

      Hope you’re happy!

      I also think about doing this. Trying to come up with a legitimate item that looks the same as a gun is difficult, though.

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