#1130 – Dogstagram

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8 thoughts on “#1130 – Dogstagram”

  1. Peter says:

    I wonder which filters they would use, since they can’t see colours…

    1. Kapten-N says:

      Dogs can see colours, just not all the ones we can see. Our eyes have taps to detect red, green and blue light (RGB, just the colours which our screens emit). Dogs lack the taps for detecting red light and I think their green taps detect closer to yellow (images edited to demonstrate how dogs see the world are usually blue and yellow). They are basically red-green blind, so it’s a bad idea to use red balls when playing with them in green environments.

  2. Random says:

    I find this to be equally entertaining and useful as the human version

  3. his boogness says:

    No selfies with the waiter?

  4. Person says:

    And yet, the likes INcrease each time…

    1. Peter Wolff says:

      Of course they do. GoodGirl2007’s fame is increasing. (Probably due to her high-quality contribution to the eternal web.)

    2. PierreB says:

      They don’t, the middle one from “1 day” ago has 3 times less like than “2 days” ago.

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