#109 – Twist

I think it took me 20 years to finally remember which one is a “nut” and which one is a “bolt”. I guess it never really mattered because I was always using them together. They both had the same shape and could be turned with the same tool. Anyhow, one day I suddenly realized that I had always known what a “wing nut” was and therefore could now remember which one is a “nut” and which one is a “bolt”.

Today’s Biff sees an opportunity.

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14 thoughts on “#109 – Twist”

  1. Manbat says:

    The aliens are getting so screwed.

  2. Kree says:

    Hey I think I’ve had that same “ohh yeah.. wing nuts!” moment as well! Wing nuts are to regular nuts like the Wing Cap is to Mario’s everyday cap 😛

    That would certainly make for the most awkward first encounter ever… or alternatively the kinkiest one

  3. Baughbe says:

    I’ll bet the moment they meet will be riveting!

  4. Cyndaquazy says:

    Screw this, I’m doing something else…

  5. wrincewind says:

    ‘nuts are the ones with holes in them. like doughnuts.’

    1. Kintres says:

      And that is why I will always know the log-shaped ones as “doughbolts”.

  6. Moof says:

    I like the idea that the alien’s waving for the camera on the satellite.

    It was only after I knew the difference between nuts and bolts that somebody pointed out that nuts are the ones shaped like doughnuts. That would have made things easier.

  7. wigsternm says:

    What holds their satellite together? The corpses of their fallen Bolt comrades? “Forget cremation, spend your death among the heavens!”

  8. pbarnrob says:

    With my luck — they would be left-handed threads!

  9. Lupo says:

    If it interests you: the German word for nut (in this sense) is Mutter (mother). Easy to remember for some reason. (Just the plural is different, biological, Mütter, technical, Muttern)

  10. joe schmo says:

    The deadbolt in your door could also help, because it’s a stick shaped metal thingy that goes into a hole.

  11. MikeReese says:

    Back many years ago, they’d call nuts ‘taps’..guess saying ‘nuts’ was too risque. So you’d see an old diemakers book with talk about bolts and taps.

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