#1054 – Nerds

“When one of the robots looses an arm shouldn’t they be missing the back quarter of the car?”

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11 thoughts on “#1054 – Nerds”

  1. Jad says:


  2. Adrian says:

    Why did one of them get smaller in the last panel? Did the text push him down?

    1. Chris says:

      He dropped down to his knees for dramatic effect.

  3. John says:

    If I were that kid, my answer would be “how should I know? Go ask Michael Bay.”

  4. Slim Jim says:

    I wonder where the leather interior comes from.

  5. his boogness says:

    But they ARE dented and broken… on the inside.

    1. natemare says:

      Thank you!

  6. AustynSN says:

    Because GM wouldn’t allow their cars to be broken and dented, etc. Which is a real shame because they really didn’t think things through. One of my biggest problems with the initial vehicle assignments was making Ratchet a Hummer. IRONHIDE, not ratchet should have been a Hummer. And not some pansy pretty clean H3 with a nice paint job…. I’m talkin’ a first generation gun-metal grey, dented hummer with cracks and duck tape covering the body.

    Now, that may not sound like much of an advertisement for GM, but think of it this way…. Here’s an Autobot that turns into a broken busted vehicle that was built decades before most the audience was born, and he’s about to rip off his own arm and beat three Decepticons to death with it.

    THAT is a badass vehicle, which we should all fear and respect.

    1. Demolition Fan says:

      Exactly. That GM couldn’t let their wheels be scratched should have cost them the movie deal.

  7. Excalibur Summer-Blade says:

    I would like that hoody.

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