#1053 – Visible

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7 thoughts on “#1053 – Visible”

  1. soilent says:

    I don’t really like your homophobe satirizing comics.

    1. Chris says:


      1. soilent says:

        I’m allergic to stupid.

        1. soilent says:

          I’m calling homophobes stupid, not your Bait&Switch comics.

  2. John says:

    I actually find these bait ‘n switch ones to be hilarious. Almost as much as the ones with the shark.

  3. shags says:

    Hey! Homophobes are people too!

    That is, they are people with a oddly strong fixation on others’ sexual orientations, which is really none of their business.

  4. OliverZi says:

    Awesome 😀
    I particularly love your comics because all of the figures look the same. There is nearly no stereotyping on race, sex or other properties.
    Also the comics promote tolerance and are super cute!
    Keep going!
    From a fan 🙂

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