#954 – Where

Hey check it out, some of you my not realize but I actually draw 3 comics! Maximumble is my main squeeze but I also draw Minimumble and my original strip The Book of Biff. If this is news to you, go see what you’ve been missing!

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3 thoughts on “#954 – Where”

  1. Rhiakath says:

    Humpf, the phone’s clock is forward by 2,5 hours…
    It’s still 10:15 AM.

  2. Guestsio says:

    Holly photons! I’ve just read this comic, and it was exactly 12:32 in my timezone.
    I was all like “which kind of witchcraft is this?!”

  3. boog says:

    “your soul belongs to me now LOL”

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