#953 – Break

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6 thoughts on “#953 – Break”

  1. natemare says:

    *takes off glasses* My god…

  2. Nosetroll says:

    I tried a Kit-Kat once. Tasted like what I imagine cat food tastes like =S

  3. Coconut says:

    I tried doing this once. It felt so wrong, yet it felt so right 🙂

  4. GDA says:

    HOW COULD HE?! He doesn’t have my vote anymore. In fact, let’s not wait for the election! Let’s throw him out of office RIGHT NOW!

  5. boog says:

    “My fellow Americans, I made a mistake. I was young and stupid… please, just gimme a break!

    That last bit ends up going viral and so we end up making him our next president.

  6. This reminds me of my dad. It was a long time ago since the last time I saw him do this, but he would break his big chocolate into “bars” with four squares each, and eat them like that.

    I personally think that the chocolate is supposed to be eaten one square at a time, and eating any bigger pieces than that is a terrible sin against the chocolate!

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