#918 – Pulled

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8 thoughts on “#918 – Pulled”

  1. kingklash says:

    You should see what happens when you get your Rutles songs wrong.

    1. Wizard says:

      Easy to fix. All you need is cash.

  2. Rey2611 says:

    *Next Day*

    What’s wrong officer?
    You listened to
    The punishment is 1 year in prison!
    You can’t take me! *bang*

    And that’s how fanatics die…

    1. Rey2611 says:

      Whoops! I mean…
      You listened to (put title of the song you hate here)

  3. GDA says:


  4. Merzikain says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t call this one “Jude Law”.

    1. Chris says:

      In some situations people will see the title before reading the comic. I don’t want tot telegraph the joke so I try to only use information that is in panel one.

      1. Sarge_Buckwheat says:

        Such as checking an RSS, i only get the titles before I click, it’d be a shame to ruin punchlines with the title, no matter how clever they may be.

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