#913 – Corded

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7 thoughts on “#913 – Corded”

  1. bob says:

    i always have a solar charger on me. at least since i started watching no game no life.
    when project ara releases I will get me a crank block for it.

  2. maarvarq says:

    None of the phones that I have ever owned could have used another’s charger, and this bozo expects to find a compatible one in the past?

  3. boog says:

    “What do you use it for?”

    “Mostly? As a pocketwatch.”

  4. jammit says:

    It’s ok. I know how to build one. Can you direct me to the nearest Radio Shack to pick up a voltage regulator, some silicon diodes, and an PNP transistor? What do you mean they only have tubes?

    1. Jochem says:

      Eh, almost any era with electricity shouldn’t have any issue providing you with a steady 5V supply. The 0.5A might be an issue, but eh…

      Your biggest problem will be the lack of micro-usb connectors and probably also lack of specs on one.

  5. kingklash says:

    I just bought a wireless “media streamer” gadget recently. You can insert a sd card and/or a usb drive with compatible video, picture, and music files, and view them from most wireless devices. Tablets need the proper free app, or you can access through a standard browser. But as I was setting it up, I read in the instructions that it has a special function that lets you use it as a emergency charger for your phone or tablet. So that was a nice surprise.

  6. Rey2611 says:

    So I couldn’t go back to the future without my phone fully charged.
    And there’s no charger here. Well…

    *becomes a mad scientist*

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