#875 – Dance

“Promise you’ll take care of Mr. Snuggles for me.”

“Oh… I didn’t know you had a pet.”

“Mr. Snuggles is my teddy bear. He’s afraid of the dark. You need to read him a story until he falls asleep.”

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6 thoughts on “#875 – Dance”

  1. boog says:

    “Last night of your life!! WOO!!”

  2. natemare says:

    Hahaha! xD

  3. kingklash says:

    I plan to die in an earthworm stampede, and dancing would be detrimental to their state of being.

  4. A+!

    I don’t know how you do it Chris. Almost every single strip makes me laugh/think. At the very least a chuckle!

    Very few comics have such consistently.

    Keep it up & thanks for the relief from life!


    1. Chris says:

      Hey thanks!

  5. Wizard says:

    Last night of my life? I am SO taking all you (bleep)ards with me…

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