#725 – Disturbing

Thinking back, my best movie theater experiences are usually on opening night. I think that’s when the theater is full of people that actually want to see the film. Seeing that same movie a few weeks later there are scattered packs of bored people that don’t really want to be there. I guess they have nowhere else to go?

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4 thoughts on “#725 – Disturbing”

  1. Dan Thompson says:

    There are five classifications of homicide: criminal, negligent, accidental, justifiable, and COMMENDABLE. I think this one falls into that last category.

  2. boog says:

    Well, a room full of witnesses claim he did in fact say not to get cool ranch.

  3. kingklash says:

    Homestar Runner did present a solution to such stupidity: Rocket Launchers.

  4. Kor says:

    If only this was true in real life. If you go into a movie theater and use your phone you deserve to have a lighting bolt come down from the sky and smite you.

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