#712 – Red

My “back in school” dreams are starting to shift a bit. Now while I’m trying to find my locker and remember where my class is that I forgot to go to all year, I’m starting to get into a “I’m too old to be here… I should just leave.” mindset. If only the hallways would stop reconfiguring so that I could find an exit.

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3 thoughts on “#712 – Red”

  1. KennyC says:

    I’ve had this exact same dream. It’s horrifying when you realize that there’s no way out, isn’t it?

  2. Kevin C. says:

    That’s when you go to the chemistry class and make explosives to blow your way out like you did back in high school.

    You did do that, right?

  3. kingklash says:

    The teacher is still dreaming. Those “students” are all him, and the blood is about to start.

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