#688 – Diverted

It’s weird when I have to sign for a package. I just put an illegible scrawl in the little signature box. It’s more of a weird ritual than any sort of security measure.

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6 thoughts on “#688 – Diverted”

  1. kingklash says:

    I’d rather sign on a paper receipt than those electronic pads the delivery companies use. Never feels like enough traction to write well, and no matter how careful you are, your signature always looks like two scratches and five pixels on the screen.

    1. Kazriko says:

      Those actually keep way more information than they’re showing on the screen. The good ones keep the speed of each part of the stroke, and the angle of the pen. There’s actually as much forensic information on good signature pads as there would be on a paper signature.

    2. Utuy says:

      Sometimes the screen is broken too, so while your making an effort to right something readable, it just becomes a whole bunch of lines and scribbles at the end.

  2. Taurin says:

    I have a friend whose signature is so clear there’s no mistaking what each individual letter is, and yet this one delivery guy would always ask him to spell his last name after my friend signed for packages.

  3. loosefoot says:

    When I have to sign my name, I try to make it illegible, but I never succeed.

  4. jivjov says:

    Having to sign for a package is much less about making sure it gets to the intended recipient and much more about making sure it was handed to a live human being at all.

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