#683 – Wide

I don’t have a smart phone but my kids have a few toy versions. I think I’ll take one to stare at the next time I have to sit around in a doctor’s waiting room. “M says ‘mmmm’ as in miniature monkey!”

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3 thoughts on “#683 – Wide”

  1. kingklash says:

    And since the view is behind the TV, you don’t see the sad tear in the corner of the screen.

  2. WitUnderPressure says:

    “why aren’t you watching your new tv?”

    “psh. i can’t post tweets on it like i can with my smartphone. ‘OMG! BEST MOVIE EVAR! “

  3. Peter Wolff says:

    “Look, the next public movie theater where cell phones aren’t banned is 200 miles away!”

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