#628 – Still

My son learned a lot about bees recently. He went and saw a demonstration by a beekeeper and got to see a hive and a queen up close. He asked me if I had ever been stung by a bee and what it was like. I honestly told him that for me it’s always more of a surprise than anything. I described in detail the 3 times I remember being stung. The next day he proudly announced to his mom “I think that bee stung me!” Her response was “Oh no, you definitely didn’t get stung. When a bee stings you you will know because it really, really hurts!!!” Now he’s terrified and refuses to go outside.

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6 thoughts on “#628 – Still”

  1. John says:

    It’s interesting how the bee panic can get passed along. My son was extremely frightened of bees just from my wife getting panicky from them being around. That in turn was from her being around her grandmother who got extremely panicky (from what I’ve been told I have pictures in my head of running around arms flailing) whenever one was seen. Grandma had good reason to be frightened because she had been stung by a swarm as a child and had become extremely allergic. I don’t think my wife has ever been stung, and once my son had gotten stung once he calmed down a bit.

  2. boog says:

    “Hey buddy, what’s with the shoe? Why is it on your ha-”

    [Player 1 has left the game]

  3. witunderpressure says:

    “aye aye aye. no me gusta.”
    bumblebee man – the simpsons

  4. I didn’t get stung until junior high school and it really friggin hurt.

  5. Utuy says:

    Three times I got stung. The first time was really dumb. My sister was spraying a wasp with a hose and I thought it looked fun. So she gave me the hose, and when I started to spray, the bee must have had enough, cause he came to me and stung me on the top of my head. It hurt like mad.

  6. Arcan says:

    It doesn’t take more than the thought of bees to frighten my little brother. “Get inside already!” “But I saw a bee by the door!” “(Name censored), there isn’t a bee within fifty feet of the house. Now get inside!”

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