#595 – Choose

Meeting your boy/girlfriend’s parents can be stressful. What if they offer me some sort of alcohol I don’t like? What if I root for the wrong sports team? What if I don’t have enough blood in my circulatory system?

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4 thoughts on “#595 – Choose”

  1. boog says:

    “T-t-turkey g-gravy, s-sir. I mean p-please, sir.”

    “I trust you can help yourself? After all, I didn’t raise my baby girl to be your waiter.”

    “O-of course, sir.”

    “Very good. You’ll find the turkey out back.”


    “Be careful, she’s not fond of new people.”

  2. anon says:

    The Question is less “Do you have enough blood?” and more “Do you have enough blood after meeting them?”

  3. I’ve only had two boyfriends and the first one dumped me before we had the chance to meet each others’ parents. I get along with my current boyfriend’s parents, and he gets along with mine, but his and mine have never met. THAT is something that will stress me out.

  4. kingklash says:

    What happens if I carry my drink across the Great Seal in the foyer?

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