#567 – Hoarding

My day job used to be web design. Internet Explorer was my constant adversary back then. Always throwing a monkey wrench in my lunch plans as I stayed at my desk to research a new workaround.

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10 thoughts on “#567 – Hoarding”

  1. Morris Keesan says:

    “Firefox or Chrome?”

    I typically use Internet Explorer exactly once on any given machine, to download another browser. My most recent machines came with Chrome preinstalled, so I didn’t even need to use IE for that, and could use Chrome to get Opera.

    1. jammit says:

      I’ve figured out how to download Firefox without using IE by using FTP. I used to work on computers, and sometimes I’d have to get some virus off that had destroyed IE or prevented it from visiting virus cleaning websites or wouldn’t let you download a different browser. Using a USB thumb drive meant your thumb drive got infected, and burning a CD for every updated version of FF got ridiculous.

    2. d... says:

      I typically use internet explorer exactly 0 times on any given machine, because all the operating systems I use come with firefox or chromium preinstalled.

  2. caffiend says:

    Unfortunately for me, the company websites that I have to work with on my job are “optimized” for IE, and don’t support the other browsers.

    Normally use FF in most other circumstances.

  3. Ivan says:

    You wouldn’t have had to test with IE if you used FrontPage for EVERYTHING you ever made!

    (This Mac user will now go vomit….)

  4. Sven says:

    Fortunately the latest versions of IE (9 and 10) are actually really good, so the current generation of designers gets spared that hurt (unless they have a requirement to support IE <9 (or even worse, <8), that will hurt).

    The modern problem dealing with the subtle differences between a whole slew of browsers that are ostensibly all Webkit, but not actually identical (especially when they're mobile browsers).

  5. Icalasari says:

    *Keeps clicking next* “Why did Chris post a bunch of the same comic in a roOh I finally caught up D:”

  6. d... says:

    I haven’t used a “virus scanner” for 2 years. Feels kind of liberating, that.

  7. kingklash says:

    I use IE (aiiieeee!) generally, with Safari for backup. But I am paranoid enough to have things like Malwarebytes, and RKill, among other things, on my PC and netbook. The ‘book gets a going-over every week or two, and the PC gets one every month or two. Both barring the occasional Ransomware attack.

  8. Nivlac says:

    I used to use I.E. exclusively (other than the free chrome angry birds) until Yahoo mail finally forced an update on me and explorer was too slow to support it.

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